The discovery of statistical strategies, records management technology and Patients and Physicians data models offers to help you to frontage hospitals pressure and make it easy access to standardize for better use.

Analytics acts as an enabler for this industry through making it facts pushed which aids in overcoming these demanding situations quicker and better.

We take care of Revenue Cycle Optimization by

Align the enterprise around outcomes and integrating various sources of data and providing one fact based vision. Identify factors impacting your bottom line with powerful reporting capabilities.

As the Health plans are strategically driving the shift from "services based payment" to "value based payment", We offer predictive analytics to forecast the cash and meet HIPAA security requirements.

Our Healthcare Analytics product provides 360 degree visibility of the current state and data driven solutions which gives the accurate information to the executives.

Scottline's Healthcare Analytics provides Business Intelligence across the revenue cycle for hospitals and health systems, transforming data points into easy-to-understand, accessible analytics and predictive information to help improve the financial performance of your healthcare businesses.

"Gain Insight & Take Action Using Healthcare Business Intelligence Tools."



  • Helps monitor financial performance
  • Reduce bad debt and understand its root causes
  • 360 degree view of your complete Out Standing Inventory
  • Easy to use, accessible reporting
  • Improve workflow efficiency

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management help you

  • Increase patient/customer outcomes and reducing the extra cutoffs
  • Well managed health records on date
  • Performs higher work flow efficiency
  • Providing a facility to fit in limited medical pricing by reducing bad debts
  • Prevent medical emergencies and reduce medical costs